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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thomas Friedman, "It’s Mitt’s World": Get Our Own House in Order

Thomas Friedman is back to lecturing us from on high. In his latest New York Times op-ed, "It’s Mitt’s World" (, Tom tells us:

"The best way for an American president to forge healthy interdependencies is, first, to get our own house in order and gain the leverage — in terms of resources and moral authority — that come from leading by example. For instance, Romney is right: there are unhealthy aspects to the U.S.-China interdependency that need working on, but they are not all China’s fault. We would have more leverage to build a more healthy relationship if we saved more, consumed less, studied harder and got our own banks to behave less recklessly."

"Get our own house in order"? We could build "a more healthy relationship" if we "saved more" and "consumed less"? Mind you, these precious horse apples are coming from someone with a frugal, unpretentious mansion in Maryland.

Oh really, there are "unhealthy aspects to the U.S.-China interdependency that need working on"? Might these include horrendous human rights abuses, i.e. slave labor, in China? Yes, Tom, your much lauded Chinese bullet trains and super efficient airports came at the cost of blood and tears, and it's indeed time to put this untidy working arrangement in order.

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  1. Yes, this abode is nice and it proves that Thomas Friedman was right when he promoted outsourcing. As a result of outsourcing we all live now in such places.