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Friday, November 16, 2012

A Personal Invitation to President Obama: Visit Israel Now

Dear President Obama,

Prior to the election, your campaign team let it be known that there had never been a president more friendly to Israel than you. Well, you never got around to coming to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem during your first term, so I'm inviting you to visit now. What better way to bury the hatchet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Yes, I know: Several Fajr missiles have been fired from Gaza at both these cities, but you'll be kept safe.

And if you can't come now, how about just telling the world that the more than 500 rockets and missiles fired from Gaza at Israeli towns and cities since Wednesday constitute a war crime. You can be the first Western leader to tell it like it is.

Looking forward to having a beer with you in the coming days. (I don't drink "lite.")

Best wishes,

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