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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thomas Friedman, "If You’ve Got the Skills, She’s Got the Job": Is Friedman's Brain Fried?

A brief timeline:
  • On November 11, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman wrote an op-ed entitled "My President Is Busy" (, in which he declared that Obama is too busy to be bothered with Israel. This came on the heels of declarations by Democrats during the presidential campaign that Israel never had a better friend than Barack Obama.
  • On November 14, Friedman, in an op-ed entitled "Obama's Nightmare" (, called for a "United Nations-led multinational force" to oversee a "power-sharing deal inside Syria." Friedman ignored the fact that such troops would be subjected to a steady stream of casualties from Iranian and al-Qaeda backed guerilla forces at a time when the US and its NATO allies are struggling to extract themselves from an ill-fated engagement in Afghanistan.
  • On November 17, Friedman published an op-ed entitled "If You've Got the Skills, She's Got the Job" (, informing his New York readership of welding jobs in Minnesota. Would-be Middle East expert Friedman chose to ignore the spiraling conflagration between Israel and Hamas, involving missiles fired from Gaza at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Is Friedman also now too busy to address issues involving Israel?
Go figure . . .


  1. Rest assured, the White House's "Light Footprint" strategy will not apply to Israel if and when a ground operation proceeds in Gaza.

    Erdogan and Morsi were on the phone over the weekend with their BFF to let him know that they cannot be responsible for any anti American violence that 'might' ensue if the US doesn't order Bibi to stand down.

    While Hamas rocket's rain down on Israel's major cities, the President will indeed be busy this week - playing golf in South East Asia while sipping his favorite beer, Miller 'Lite'.

  2. Now that Twitter is "All In" with the White House, I'm not surprised that they're actively censoring voices of decent regarding Obama's failed Middle East policies.

    "Twitter suspends American Orthodox Jew for tweeting anti-Obama cartoon about Israel"
    Read more here:

    Who's next? Facebook? Google-Blogger?
    Pravda is coming to the USA.

  3. I think that he's doing his job at Der Neue Stuermer quite well. Why do you think they keep this "Friedman" fellow there?

  4. Jeffery, I misplaced Tom's email address but knowing he's a frequent reader of your blog, I know he'll enjoy watching this as much as Ismail Haniyeh did.