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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A New War Between Hezbollah and the Syrian Rebels?

As reported by Lebanon's Daily Star (

"The rebel Free Syrian Army warned Tuesday it would strike back at Hezbollah if the party did not halt its attacks on Syrian territory.

'If Hezbollah does not stop shelling Syrian territories, villages and unarmed civilians from inside Lebanese territory within 48 hours, we will respond with our arms to the sources of its fire and silence them inside Lebanese territory,' the FSA command said in a statement.

It urged residents in the eastern city of Hermel near the border with Syria to stay away from Hezbollah’s rocket launchers and military posts.

The FSA again accused Hezbollah, a key ally of embattled Syrian President Bashar Assad, of 'committing massacres' in Syria with 'artillery cover from inside Lebanese territory.'"

Or in a nutshell: Assad is growing desparate in his battle against Syrian rebels, and Iran has ordered Hezbollah, its Lebanese proxy, to take immediate measures to reduce the pressure on the Syrian mass murderer. Meanwhile, as hundreds more Syrian civilians die in the fighting each week, Obama continues to watch from the sidelines.

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