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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gail Collins, "Peculiar Naming Rites": In Hagel's Case, the Joke Is on Us

Gail Collins is fortunate enough to know absolutely nothing about international terrorism, but this does not prevent her from lending support to Chuck Hagel, Obama's nominee for secretary of defense. In her latest New York Times op-ed entitled "Peculiar Naming Rites" (, Colins tells us that the Postal Service is actually "looking to launch a clothing line," and then continues:

"This is not make-believe, like the story about Chuck Hagel giving a speech to Friends of Hamas. Dan Friedman, a New York Daily News reporter, says he thinks he inadvertently started that one when he called a Republican aide and asked if there were any rumors floating around about the nominee for secretary of defense. As an example, Friedman said, he asked about speaking fees from anything like 'the Junior League of Hezbollah' or 'Friends of Hamas.' Soon the idea was all over the right-wing media.

'The names were so over-the-top, so linked to terrorism in the Middle East, that it was clear I was talking hypothetically and hyperbolically. No one could take seriously the idea that organizations with those names existed — let alone that a former senator would speak to them,' Friedman wrote.

I think I speak for us all when I say: Hahahaha."

Collins, of course, does not mention that when interviewed by Al Jazeera in 2009, America's prospective secretary of defense agreed that America is "the world’s bully" (see:

Just an accidental, spur of the moment slip of the tongue on Hagel's part? I don't think so. Again, during a 2007 speech before the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Hagel labeled the US a "schoolyard bully" (see:

Hezbollah? As known to all, Hagel was one of only 12 US Senators who refused to sign a 2006 letter asking that the EU brand Hezbollah a terror organization.

This refusal on Hagel's part has become that much more poignant given the determination that a Hezbollah bomber was responsible for the deadly 2012 Burgus bus bombing aimed at Israeli tourists in Bulgaria (see:, and the recent admission by a Hezbollah operative in Cyprus that he was also seeking to help murder Israeli tourists (see:

Hagel, a moron and an anti-Semite as America's next secretary of defense? Hahahaha? Why am I not laughing?

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  1. For the time being, it's still not PC in the US for the uber-Left and liberal politicians to be antisemitic, but rest assured it's just a matter of time.
    For a glimpse of what's coming keep an eye on what's currently happening in Europe and the UK.
    Watch Hammas fan-boy George Galloway tell an audience at Oxford University that he won't debate an Israeli because he doesn't recognize Israel.
    Must have gotten his degree in Jew Hatred from the University of Khartoum back in 1967.