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Monday, July 8, 2013

Ed Rogers, "The Insiders: Who’s in charge at The White House? The clear-eyed realists or the delusional Obamaphiles?": Certainly Not Obama Himself

"The Insiders: Who’s in charge at The White House? The clear-eyed realists or the delusional Obamaphiles?" ( was the title of Ed Rogers Washington Post opinion piece on Saturday. Rogers wrote:

"Maybe in the Sunday papers and on the Sunday shows we’ll find out what school of thought has the upper hand in the White House: The group that convinced the president that the implementation of Obamacare was collapsing and that he needed to buy some time to live to fight another day, or the camp that believes in the laughable talking points memo about Valerie Jarrett that was revealed this week in Mark Leibovich’s new book, 'This Town.'  The jaw-dropping, tone-deaf Jarrett memo was not written by a capable Washington suck-up, but by a delusional Obamaphile. It is so starry-eyed and pathetic it will make your toes curl. It is alarming to think that advisers to the president of the United States would actually think that memo was effective guidance for those speaking on the record.

So who is in charge? The clear thinkers who bailed out Obamacare this week or the delusional Obamaphiles who wrote the Jarrett memo? Hopefully by Monday we’ll have a better indication."

Well, here it is Monday, and we still don't know. Nor are we ever apt to know.

All we do know is that the president himself, who learns of events from the newspapers like the rest of us (see:, is not in charge.

And this would not be a problem were it not for the fact that the economy and the world around us are collapsing.

How about another trip to Tanzania, Mr. President?


  1. "Five years since he resigned as New York's governor amid a prostitution scandal, Eliot Spitzer announced he hopes to jump back into the political arena in a bid to be New York City comptroller."

    "In a final ironic twist, Spitzer will be running against the former madam accused of supplying him with call girls. Kristen Davis, who ran unsuccessfully for governor in 2010 as a protest candidate, noted on Twitter she is be running in the race for city comptroller."

    If it weren't true, I would have thought this is just another Jay Leno joke.

  2. Weiner and Spitzer: Two that feel they need to grace us with their leadership.
    .... I'll pass on that wonderful opportunity.