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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dana Milbank, "The White House’s Syria Secrets": It's Not As Secret As You Think

In a Washington Post opinion piece entitled "The White House’s Syria secrets" (, Dana Milbank asks that the American public be presented with "hard evidence" of Assad's responsibility for the August 21 sarin gas attack on the outskirts of Damascus that killed nearly 1,500 civilians. Milbank writes:

"Officials say the evidence is incontrovertible that Assad used sarin gas against his people. Lawmakers emerging from secret, classified briefings seem to agree. But while members of Congress are coming around to an attack on Syria, the American public remains skeptical. Why? Maybe it’s because the government won’t let them in on the secret."

Well, Dana, allow me to explain. When chemical weapons are transported and prepared for a rocket strike in Syria, there is a lot of chatter that gets intercepted.

Should the American public be told more? You decide.

Enough said.

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