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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jimmy Carter, "The World Now Has a Chance to End War in Syria": A Reserved Room in Hell

Do you remember Jimmy Carter's convivial 2008 meetings in Damascus with his buddy Bashar al-Assad and various leaders of Hamas (see: Well, this narcissist, still seeking the limelight, is back with more advice.

Today, in a Washington Post opinion piece entitled "The world now has a chance to end war in Syria" (, Carter writes:

"The only way to be assured that Syrian chemical weapons will not be used in the future is not through a military strike but through a successful international effort.

. . . .

If fully implemented in dozens of sites throughout Syria, this effort to secure the chemical weapons would amount to a cease-fire, with a large U.N. peacekeeping force deployed. In the best of circumstances, this could lead to convening the Geneva peace conference, perhaps including Iran, that could end the conflict.

. . . .

Despite the claims and counterclaims that have surrounded the chemical attack near Damascus on Aug. 21 and an unknown number of earlier attacks, the issues are now clearly defined. The main goals of condemning the use of these outlawed weapons and preventing their further use can still be realized by concerted international action."

Does Carter acknowledge that the Assad regime used sarin against civilians? No way. Instead, Carter cites "division among world leaders about who is responsible for the atrocity."

A "successful international effort," "concerted international action," and "convening the Geneva peace conference" to end the conflict and prevent future use of chemical weapons by Assad? Yeah, Russia, China and Iran are sure to see to that.

My understanding is that Satan is reserving a very special place in hell for Jimmy.

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