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Monday, September 16, 2013

Frank Bruni, "Hard Truths About Our Soft Bodies": Why Are You Fat? Because You Eat Too Much!

Did any of you pop green coffee bean extract pills after seeing the Dr. Oz Show (see: Did they help you lose weight?

Today, in a New York Times op-ed entitled "Hard Truths About Our Soft Bodies" (, Frank Bruni confronts the issue of dieting. Bruni writes:

"And while the notion that we weigh too much because we buy, order and eat too much may be obvious, it’s increasingly obscured. Study after study and report upon report looks at more particular reasons for obesity and excess pounds, focusing on the edges and the aggravators of the problem instead of the flabby core. And the number and variety of these investigations, not to mention the prominent showcase we in the news media give them, create the impression that alchemy, not appetite, is our enemy, and that if we could just fine-tune our daily schedules, rejigger our protein-to-carbohydrate ratios or wallow sufficiently in fiber, all would be well.

. . . .

Yes, there are probably better and worse rhythms for daily eating; there are bad calories and good calories. The ones going into you may be sublime. Won’t matter, if you rack up enough of them."

Basically, I think Bruni is right. Your genes, of course, come into play, as do changes in metabolism that come with age, but bottom line, it all amounts to calories in, calories out.

Yes, I believe in the laws of physics, and sadly, green coffee bean extract is not going to do the work, i.e. exercise, for you.

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