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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Charles Krauthammer, "‘Sucker’s Deal’": Selling Israel Down the River

In a brilliant Washington Post opinion piece entitled "‘Sucker’s deal’" (, Charles Krauthammer picks apart the agreement which President Obama had hoped to sign with Supreme Leader Khamenei, purportedly intended to restrain Iran's nuclear weapons development drive. Krauthammer writes:

"It leaves Iran’s nuclear infrastructure intact. Iran keeps every one of its 19,000 centrifuges — yes, 19,000 — including 3,000 second-generation machines that produce enriched uranium at five times the rate of the older ones.

Not a single centrifuge is dismantled. Not a single facility that manufactures centrifuges is touched. In Syria, the first thing the weapons inspectors did was to destroy the machines that make the chemical weapons. Then they went after the stockpiles. It has to be that way. Otherwise, the whole operation is an exercise in futility. Take away just the chemical agents, and the weapons-making facilities can replace them at will.

Yet that’s exactly what we’re doing with Iran. It would deactivate its 20 percent enriched uranium, which besides being chemically reversible, is quickly replaceable because Iran retains its 3.5 percent enriched uranium, which can be enriched to 20 percent in less than a month.

Result: Sanctions relief that leaves Iran’s nuclear infrastructure untouched, including — and this is where the French gagged — the plutonium facility at Arak, a defiant alternate path to a nuclear weapon."

I suppose this is what you should expect when community organizer Obama and the EU's imbecilic Catherine Ashton, who has a bachelor’s degree in sociology, negotiate with the wily mullahs.

The only problem for Obama is that Khamenei is now backing away from the deal. Obama had originally agreed, during secret one-on-one negotiations with Tehran, to allow Iran to continue to build the Arak IR-40 Heavy Water Reactor, designed to produce sufficient plutonium for two atomic bombs each year. It is no wonder that even France could not brook this obscenity, which it labelled a "sucker's deal."

Khamenei, previously promised this piece of candy, is now being told that he can't have it anymore, and this is proving a deal-breaker.

Which is worse: the rollout of Obamacare or the American president's backhanded negotiation of this despicable arrangement with Iran?

You call it.

[On Wednesday, Supreme Leader Khamenei labelled Israel “the rabid dog of the region.” When asked about Khamenei’s comment during his testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday, John Kerry called it "inflammatory," but also declared, "I don’t want to exacerbate it now sitting here, but our good friends in Israel know full well that we defend their concerns." John Kerry no longer has "good friends" in Israel, and as evident from Ari Shavit's recent guest op-ed in The New York Times (see:, a full political spectrum in Israel, from left to right, no longer believes that Obama "has Israel's back." ]

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  1. Well, what can I say? It looks even worse than I predicted.
    This what happens when the population is told that history doesn't matter, that knowledge/competence doesn't matter and that smiling and hugging and talking is the way to go.
    I am a genius (:) but frankly how could anyone, even with as single grey cell not to see that Obama wasn't qualify for the job? Any administrative experience? or any serious work experience?