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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Maureen Dowd, "Lost Art of Loyalty": Biden Could Yet Have the Last Laugh

"Loyalty to the country always. Loyalty to the government when it deserves it."

- Mark Twain

There are almost three and a half years left to Obama's disastrous second term, and Americans are still discovering that there are consequences to electing a community organizer with no managerial experience as president. On Saturday, however, this did not prevent New York's Chuck Schumer from endorsing Hillary, a woman with absolutely no achievements - other than frequent flyer miles - as Obama's successor: "Run, Hillary, Run. If you run, you’ll win, and we’ll all win" (see:

Me? I can't wait to be a winner, but "Run, Hillary, run"? How about "Waddle, Hillary, waddle"?

Benghazi? What does it matter? Does anyone, other than the family members of the four American victims, still remember this fiasco? But I suppose we need to take into account the larger picture - America has experienced its first African American president, and now it's time for its first woman commander-in-chief. Get with the agenda! You see, in our Brave New World, it's skin color and gender that matter, not competence - or loyalty. And if speculation that Hillary is also a lesbian were to prove correct (see:, we could kill two birds with one stone! What a wonderful world this would be! A regular love fest!

In her latest New York Times op-ed entitled "Lost Art of Loyalty" (, Maureen Dowd notes the unswerving loyalty demonstrated by Vice Presdient Joe Biden to his boss and the indifference with which it has been received by Obama and his confidants. Dowd writes:

"In a capital known for hogging credit and stealing turf, Joe Biden has provided his boss with a rare loyalty over the last five years. Even behind closed doors, the vice president tries to elevate the president. His friends stress that Biden is not a golden retriever, but a sled dog, pulling his weight, chipping in, doing whatever he can."

And what has Biden gained from this fidelity? Dowd continues:

"It’s fair to say that Joe Biden has not been given the respect he deserves in the White House. It’s the story of the ultimate team player who has not been treated that way himself.

The West Wing young bucks never fully appreciated the fact that if you have a president who turns up his nose at working with Congress, it’s nice to have a vice president who enjoys being a pol, who can pick up the phone and persuade Arlen Specter, at the cost of his political career, to help pass Obama’s stimulus.

Biden has bent over backward to put the president in a good light, even as the president and Obamaworld have bent over backward to treat Hillary like the rightful successor to Obama.

They say loyalty is its own reward, and, in the case of Biden, it will have to be."

Or stated otherwise, Biden has earned the contempt of the fast-talking snake oil salesmen with whom Obama has surrounded himself. Biden in 2016? Again, it's not part of the agenda.

But wait! As observed by Joe Bruni yesterday regarding Hillary's numbers (

"A poll released last week by NBC News and The Wall Street Journal charted the decline. It found that the percentage of Americans who view her favorably had dropped to 46 from 56. The percentage with unfavorable views had risen, less strikingly, to 33 from 29.

Here we go. The beginning of the end of her inevitability."

Oh, Hillary will get the Democratic nomination. In this age of entitlement, it's her turn.

But what happens afterwards when she is forced to wage an epic heavyweight battle against New Jersey's Big Gulp? It is still a long way down a bumpy road, rife with potholes and unexpected twists and turns.

Loyalty is its own reward? Although not destined to succeed Obama, Biden could yet have the last laugh.

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