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Monday, November 4, 2013

Frank Bruni, "Hillary in 2016? Not So Fast": It Does Matter

Remarkably, with almost three and a half years still left to Obama's disastrous second term, New York Senator Chuck Schumer endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in 2016. On a visit to Iowa, Schumer declared (see:

"Run, Hillary, Run. If you run, you’ll win, and we’ll all win."

Chuck, I suggest you tell that to the families of the four Americans who died in Benghazi.

In his latest New York Times op-ed entitled "Hillary in 2016? Not So Fast" (, Frank Bruni pours cold water on the nascent Hillary campaign. Observing a recent poll indicating a dramatic decline in Hillary's popularity, Bruni writes:

"Voters are souring on familiar political operators, especially those in, or associated with, Washington. That’s why Clinton has fallen. She’s lumped together with President Obama, with congressional leaders, with the whole reviled lot of them.

And some of the ways in which she stands out from the lot aren’t flattering. She comes with a more tangled political history of gifts bestowed, favors owed, ironclad allegiances and ancient feuds than almost any possible competitor does. We’ve had frequent reminders of that: in the Anthony Weiner saga; in reports of mismanagement at the Clinton Foundation; in coverage of Terry McAuliffe’s bid to become Virginia’s governor.

We’ve also had glimpses of the Clintons as an entrenched, entitled ruling class."

Bruni continues:

"She sailed high as secretary of state because, apart from Benghazi, she could and did position herself mostly above the partisan fray. The hellcat had become a cool cat, wearing shades instead of thick glasses, the meme of all memes.

But nine months since she left that job, it’s hard to pinpoint what, other than all those dutiful miles she logged, her legacy is."

Or stated otherwise, after Americans discovered that there are consequences to electing a man as president who has no meaningful managerial experience, Americans will be asked to elect a woman with no achievements, other than frequent flyer miles, under her belt.

Notwithstanding Schumer's partisan, self-serving opportunism, I agree with Bruni and would like to believe that the American electorate will return to its senses.

1 comment:

  1. ".. the American electorate will return to its senses."

    Three million+ registered voters (76%) stayed home rather than bother to vote for the next mayor of New York City.
    Those who did vote elected Hillary's 2000 Senate campaign manager without a second thought that that was his BIGGEST 'management job'. Really hard to pick the right florist and limo service...

    Schumer has been having a quiet heart attack over the NYC elections since Oct. 1, when his candidate lost the runoff for Public Advocate. This was such a big deal that Chuck sent personal letters to voters, and multiple robo-calls. And, he lost.

    You have no idea what is really happening inside what is still called the Democratic Party.

    As for Chuck in Iowa?
    What difference does it make?