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Friday, January 31, 2014

Gail Collins, "Christie Plays Defense": John Bolton for President?

There are many people who read this blog, even throughout the Muslim Middle East, but I seldom get feedback, except from the occasional troll. Yesterday, I had a very touching comment, which, in case you missed it, reads:

"I'm no fan of Obama, but I must say Jeff, you are depressing me. The U.S. always bounces back, and so she will again, even if I can't tell you just how it will happen. Perhaps it's time for you to start believing in God. Seriously. Believing makes a difference. I can testify. By the way, I do enjoy your commentary, most of the time. Peace to you."

My response:

"I pray to God, I believe in American exceptionalism, and I am convinced that America will bounce back if it will have leadership that will allow it to bounce back. Do you recall in the Bible how Joseph prophesied seven lean years? I am expecting eight."

Often I am tempted to forsake this blog, which also depresses me. I wish I could write more about my work assisting companies in the life sciences, which is an inspiration and a joy, but most of the time I am prevented from doing so, owing to the requirements of corporate secrecy.

Concerning politics and international affairs, the more you know, the more depressed you become. There is much truth to the adage, "What you don't know can't hurt you."

My focus on New York Times op-eds? Sadly, The New York Times is the only newspaper that Obama reads, and it is well known that he spends much time poring over their columnists' sycophantic opinion pieces. There is another adage: "Garbage in, garbage out," to which those who programmed the Obamacare website should also have paid more attention.

All of which amounts to a somewhat meandering segue to Gail Collins's latest New York Times op-ed entitled "Christie Plays Defense" (, in which Collins again obsesses over "Bridgegate." Collins writes:

"I am getting a little worried about the metropolitan region.

Also, now that I think of it, this was the week in which Donald Trump announced that he would run for governor of New York on the Republican line, as long as they give him the nomination without making him run in a primary or go to the convention.

But the good news is that we’re ignoring Trump entirely. As well as non-New York reports on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s defense of Justin Bieber and Bristol Palin’s critique on the parenting skills of Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis.

Christie, however, is national news. And the scandal we’re talking about involves two of the favorite topics of conversation in modern America, bullying and traffic."

Yet why belabor Christie? As I've noted several times, he's finished on the national scene, i.e. roadkill. He is no longer a viable candidate for president. I think he should resign as governor of New Jersey.

Christie is now every bit as viable as a presidential candidate as Donald Trump might be as a candidate for governor of New York.

Me? I'm far more concerned that Obama told outright lies to the American people during his State of the Union address concerning his "diplomatic achievements," which perhaps cost the lives of tens of thousands of people, and which may yet cost the lives of hundreds of thousands more (see:

But this obfuscation of the truth obviously didn't trouble Collins, who is content to continue obsessing over Christie.

So when will these lean years end? Perhaps not until there is a reemergence of leadership on the US national scene. Leadership? It's not going to come from Hillary "What Difference Does It Make" Clinton.

John Bolton for president?

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