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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Washington Post, "Kerry suggests Iran could play sideline role in Syrian peace talks": Kerry Rewards Khamenei

We are now being told in a Washington Post article entitled "Kerry suggests Iran could play sideline role in Syrian peace talks" ( by Anne Gearan that the Obama administration is ready for Iran to help broker Syrian peace talks in Switzerland at the end of January. The article states:

"Softening the former hard line against any role for Iran if it refuses to endorse the Jan. 22 conference ground rules, Secretary of State John F. Kerry suggested that Iran might be able to participate from the sidelines.

'Could they contribute from the sidelines? Are there ways for them conceivably to weigh in?' Kerry said of the Iranians, who oppose the conference’s goal of establishing a transitional government in Syria, its ally and neighbor.

Kerry suggested that Iran’s diplomatic office in Geneva might be able to help as an unofficial participant."

Bear in mind, this is the same John Kerry who labelled Assad his "dear friend."

This also comes at a time when long-range Scud D missiles provided by Iran to Syria are being moved over to Hezbollah, Iran's terrorist surrogate, in Lebanon (see:

I suppose Kerry wants to reward Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei for ordering the transfer.

Say it's not so!

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