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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Maureen Dowd, "Beautifying Abbey Road": No Wonder They're Laughing at Us in Tehran

In her latest New York Times op-ed entitled "Beautifying Abbey Road" (, Maureen Dowd begins by telling us:

"In real life, Americans may keen [sic] about income inequality. But on TV, they’re keen for it."

Now just in case you thought that this opinion piece might provide a timely discussion concerning income inequality, skip down to Dowd's conclusion regarding a new television series entitled “Downton Abbey”:

"Watching the saga from the beginning this week, I saw the extent of the subversive fantasy: The servants rule the masters. The bad ones manipulate the lords and ladies into doing their bidding. And the good ones instruct and nag their superiors into making the right moves in their royal lives, both personally and professionally. In Sunday’s season premiere, Lady Mary frostily informed Carson the butler that he had overstepped the mark in urging her to move past her grief over her husband’s death and get more involved in running the estate. But she soon humbly apologized for having the cheek to criticize Carson’s cheek. The marble beauty in long black gloves melted into sobs in his arms and then bucked up to rejoin the world.

The butler did it."

Does this remind you a bit of the British television drama "Upstairs, Downstairs," which ran from 1971-1975? Sorry, I just don't have time.

Yup,  Maureen's latest opinion piece has all the profundity of Gail Collins's recent New York Times op-ed devoted to "Candy Crush Saga" (see:

Ah, yes, Obama's favorite newspaper. No wonder they're laughing at us in Tehran.

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