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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Did Obama Order Netanyahu to Agree to an Immediate Unilateral Ceasefire? My Sources Say "Yes"

Notwithstanding identical denials from Obama's West Wing and Netanyahu's PMO (Prime Minister's Office), did Obama instruct Bibi on Sunday to agree to an immediate unilateral ceasefire, as reported yesterday by Israel's Channel 1? Did Obama say that he trusts Qatar and Turkey, and that Israel is not in a position to choose its mediators?

I have been told that the substance of the transcript of the conversation, translated from English to Hebrew and then back to English (see:, is correct.

Later today, I'm hoping to have more details, which I might, or might not, be able to share.


  1. I am speechless.
    It means that nothing printable comes to my mind.

  2. I am eager to hear to the truth about this.

    Breaking news about House's vote to launch lawsuit against Obama, including possible impeachment threat, is a welcomed development.