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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Thomas Friedman, "People of Influence": No Mention of the Murder of Three Israeli Teenagers by Hamas

In his latest New York Times op-ed entitled "People of Influence" (, subtitled "Why the Fate of Ukraine Matters," Thomas Friedman acknowledges his own error of judgement regarding Putin's intentions vis-a-vis the Ukraine. Friedman writes:

"I had argued in May that Putin had 'blinked' when, in the wake of Western sanctions and the threat of more, he pulled back troops from Ukraine’s border where he had massed them — hoping first to block Poroshenko’s election and then the signing of the E.U. deal. But maybe Putin just winked. While he did not invade, he has shoveled arms and proxies into eastern Ukraine to foment separatism in Russian-speaking areas. Today, Poroshenko — fed up with Putin’s Goebbels-quality lying — moved forces to regain control of eastern Ukraine and his country’s right to choose its future. Putin is clearly afraid of more sanctions. It is time the U.S. and E.U. imposed them."

Indeed, Putin did not "blink." He has no respect whatsoever for Friedman's friend in the White House. More sanctions against Putin from an impotent Obama administration and an a divided and indifferent EU? Good luck!

This morning, however, I am not interested in Friedman's fatuous views concerning the Ukraine. Rather, I am curious why this would-be Middle East expert has decided not to write about the shocking murder of three Israeli teenagers who were kidnapped by Hamas.

As reported by The Jerusalem Post ( today:

"British Middle East Minister Hugh Robertson, speaking about the killings of three Israeli teenagers, called for all parties to 'avoid action that could escalate the situation further' and told Israel that 'all security operations must be handled with due care, restraint and a proportionate use of force.'"

What do you say, Tom? Must Israel act with "restraint" and with "proportionate use of force" in response to these murders, which again depict the true face of Hamas, whose charter calls for the murder of all Jews?

Yes, I know, at times like these, it is easier to write pap about Putin.

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