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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Gaza: More Rubbish From CNN

In a CNN video entitled "Israel drops warning leaflets on Gaza" (, Diana Magnay at the Erez crossing from Israel into Gaza claims that Beit Lahiya, whose residents received leaflets telling them that Israel would target Hamas rocket crews in the city, is "populated by about 400,000 people." In fact, according to the Palestinian Bureau of Central Statistics, Beit Lahiya had a population of only 59,540 in 2006. Yet another outrageous exaggeration from CNN.

Magnay goes on to say that the Israeli air force's practice of "knocking  on the roof," i.e. warning of the imminent destruction of a building in Gaza, is to "send a mortar down first." This is pure rubbish. "Knock-on-the-roof" missiles fired from above do not contain explosive warheads, as do mortar rounds which cannot be fired with the necessary accuracy to land on a specific rooftop.

[I reported the errors to CNN, which replied: "Thanks again for your feedback, and keep your browser pointed to CNN | The Most Trusted Name in News. CNN is the "most trusted name in news"? Yeah, right.]

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