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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

David Ignatius, "Despite the nuclear deal, Iran continues its economic sabotage": Slowly Coming to Terms With the Truth

In a Washington Post opinion piece entitled "Despite the nuclear deal, Iran continues its economic sabotage," David Ignatius acknowledges that notwithstanding Obama's unsigned nuclear deal with Khamenei, there has yet to be meaningful improvement in American/Iranian relations. Ignatius, who declared on March 31, 2015 that "the nation that chanted in unison 'Death to America' is probably gone forever," now appears to be slowly backtracking from his fatuous contention. Referring to the arrest by Iran of Iranian American businessman Siamak Namazi, who was jailed two and a half months ago but not charged with wrongdoing, Ignatius would have us know:

"The Namazi incident is a reality check for those who hoped that the nuclear agreement would be the prelude to a broader opening. Since the agreement was reached in July, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has repeatedly said that Iran won’t allow economic 'infiltration' by a United States he described last month as a 'deceitful, crafty, skillful, fraudulent and devilish enemy.'"

Remarkably, Ignatius fails to mention the Iranian ballistic missile test in October, which, even according to the Obama administration, violated UN Security Council resolutions.

Ignatius makes no mention of the recent Wall Street Journal revelation that Iran hacked into the control system of a New York dam.

And Ignatius does not discuss Khamenei's October 2015 directive "blockading" the import of American goods into Iran.

Yup, you had to be pretty darned stupid or enamored of Obama not to see it all coming.

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