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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Washington Post Editorial, "For Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin, a bond of power-hungriness, vulgarity and cynicism": When East Meets West

Yesterday, in a Times of Israel article entitled "Did Hitler really only have one ball?," we were informed:

"Prof Peter Fleischmann, of Erlangen-Nuremberg University, said he had studied medical records of an examination the Nazi leader underwent in November 1923, when he was jailed at Landsberg Prison following the failure of his Munich Beer Hall Putsch.

The records, thought to have been lost, surfaced at an auction five years ago, were confiscated by the Bavarian government, and have only now been studied properly. According to Fleischmann, they show Hitler to have suffered from 'right-side cryptorchidism' — an undescended testicle. 'The testicle was probably stunted,' Prof Fleischman said, according to Bild Friday.

. . . .

A Soviet autopsy, released in 1970, bizarrely asserted that 'the left testicle could not be found.'"

So which was it, left or right? Without the answer, will any of us sleep tonight?

Meanwhile, a new Washington Post editorial entitled "For Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin, a bond of power-hungriness, vulgarity and cynicism" does not tackle the issue of Hitler's "cryptorchidism." Rather, it ponders the exchange of amenities between Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The editorial hypothesizes:

"What the two men share, and recognize in each other, goes beyond strong polling numbers, an affinity for incendiary language and a contempt for those (with President Obama leading the list) they regard as weak. What really attracts them is a common worldview in which money talks and democratic norms are for suckers."

Hey, boys and girls, even you called into issue Obama's cojones in Thursday's editorial entitled "On regime change in Syria, the White House capitulates to Russia." Today, who isn't troubled by an American president who has trashed the country's credibility and deterrent power? Even former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is now saying that when Obama ordered him to stand down after Assad's chemical weapons attack against Syrian civilians in Damascus, "it hurt the credibility of the president’s word when this occurred."

And money also seems to talk for Hillary and the Clinton Foundation.

WaPo's editorial board misses the obvious: Trump and Putin are narcissists gone wild, probably fascinated by their mirror images a half world away. All that is lacking now is for Donald to explain to Vladimir his spectacular comb-over technique.

1 comment:

  1. would be more interesting to listen to Putin and Trump dissect the Geneva Accords.

    fwiw, Putin embodies the Russian psyche, shaped by geography, always insecure since the Mongol invasions, but always surviving.

    Trump? He probably can not believe potential voters keep giving him a pass, no matter what he says.

    Next round: what will Trump, and Putin, say about the end of the U.S. ban on oil exports? Most likely, an end to the bromance fling.

    Where in the world is Jim Webb?