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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Maureen Dowd, "Will Trump Be Dumped?": No, There Are Too Many Chumps

I have to admit that Maureen Dowd is a brave woman. Her fellow New York Times columnist Gail Collins once received from Donald Trump a copy of her column with "The Face of a Dog!" written over her picture. Currently, Trump appears to be obsessed with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, and is busy labeling her "sick" and calling upon his minions of angry white men to "boycott" her in yet another of his tweets. Is Dowd afraid of being on the receiving end of this demented treatment? Apparently not. Today, in a New York Times op-ed entitled "Will Trump Be Dumped?," Maureen Dowd tells us of a Friday morning conversation with DDT (Donald Drumpf Trump). Inter alia, Trump informed Maureen:

  • "We have weak leadership. Hillary is pathetically weak."

  • "I’m with the people. The people like Trump."

  • "[Elizabeth Warren's] whole life was based on a fraud."

  • "[Mitt Romney is] a jealous fool and not a bright person. He’s good looking. Other than that, he’s got nothing."

  • "I want to get rid of the leftovers [Trump's Republican rivals] first."

Yup, DDT sure knows how to win friends and influence people. If he wins the nomination but loses in November (which he will), I wonder whom he will blame. Will he warn of riots?

Dowd goes on to inform us regarding their talk:

"Joe Scarborough said that just as F.D.R. was the master of radio and J.F.K. of television, D.J.T. is the titan of Twitter. The titan agreed, gloating about how his tweets to his seven million followers, sometimes penned in his jammies, become cable news bulletins. 'Yeah,' he said, 'I’ll do them sometimes lying in bed.'"

Heck, I think Trump lies equally well when dressed in a suit at a podium, but then what do I know.


  1. Riots and boycotts?.His own wanting to punch someone in the face? some point he will suggest a killing,and some nut job will take action.
    I pray that the Donald can show a modicum of restraint.

  2. this is what 40+ years of Bill Ayers' education revolution has created: too many tweets, not enough civics.

  3. I'm hoping Cruz can pull an upset in Arizona. Early voting will presumably favor Trump, but there are a lot of undecided voters and they will break heavily for Cruz. Also, it's a closed primary, and the Cruz campaign is the only one with a presence on the ground. An upset could be a game changer. I'm praying, but I'm willing to hold my nose and vote for Hillary. I suspect I won't be the only conservative to do so.