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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Obama's Nowruz Greetings to Iran: Abject Surrender to Khamenei

In case anyone was wondering how Obama would respond to Iran's test-firing earlier this month of two ballistic missiles, one with "Israel should be wiped off the Earth" written on it, we now have the answer. In his annual Nowruz (Persian New Year) message to Iran, Obama declared yesterday (my emphasis in red):

"Every year as president I've taken this opportunity, the hope of spring, to speak directly to the people of Iran about how we might open a new window and begin a new relationship between our countries.

Now, for the first time in decades, there's a chance for a different future.

Over the years, you've heard me say that the United States was prepared to engage with Iran in a spirit of mutual interest and mutual respect. Well, that's exactly what we did. In the last few years, our diplomats and nuclear scientists sat down together and negotiated face to face, and last summer, along with our international partners, we reached the historic deal on Iran's nuclear program. Two months ago, Iran fulfilled key commitments under that deal. Iran has now rolled back key parts of its nuclear program and agreed to verification measures to assure the world that its nuclear program is, and will remain, for peaceful purposes.

In return the international community lifted certain sanctions on Iran, and Iran gained access to money that had been frozen overseas. At the same time, we recognized Iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy consistent with Iran's nuclear obligations.

It make time for you, the Iranian people, to feel the full benefits of the lifting of these sanctions in your daily lives, but the benefits are undeniable.

. . . .

And I know that Americans are eager to buy more of your beautiful Persian carpets, caviar, pistachios and saffron. More tourists will visit historic sites like Shiraz, Tabriz and Isfahan, and spend their money in your shops and restaurants.

. . . .

The nuclear deal was never intended to resolve all the disputes between our two nations, and the United States continues to have profound differences with the Iranian government.

But even as our two governments continue to have serious disagreements, the fact that we are now talking to each other on a regular basis, for the first time in decades, gives us an opportunity, a window, to resolve other issues.

As we do, I firmly believe that we can continue to expand the connections between the American and Iranian people."

"Profound differences"? Obama made sure not to identify any of them.

Mention by Obama that Iran is the per capita world leader in executions? Not a chance.

Mention by Obama that Iran hangs gays and stones to death women accused of adultery? No way.

Mention by Obama that Iran brutally persecutes Kurds, Baha'is, Christians and Sunni Muslims? Heck no.

Mention of the Americans still being held hostage by Iran? Forget it.

Mention of direct Iranian military involvement in support of Assad in Syria? No reason to care.

And certainly no mention of the recent test-firing of ballistic missiles by Iran. After all, Obama wouldn't want to undermine his unsigned nuclear deal with Supreme Leader Khamenei, i.e. his crowning foreign affairs "achievement," even if Israel is again being threatened with extermination.

Never mind any of this, Obama tells us. Visit Iran (unless you happen to be gay) and buy caviar and pistachios.

Obama, a narcissist who believes in his own omniscience, knows no shame and proceeds along his merry way like a horse with blinders. Sickening.

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