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Thursday, July 14, 2016

David Sanger, "Iran Sticks to Terms of Nuclear Deal, but Defies the U.S. in Other Ways": A Fool's Paradise

In a New York Times article entitled "Iran Sticks to Terms of Nuclear Deal, but Defies the U.S. in Other Ways," David E. Sanger observes that although Iran appears to be abiding by the "strict parameters" of Obama's unsigned nuclear deal with Khamenei, there are no celebrations at the White House. Sanger writes:

"Tehran is still sending its forces to support President Bashar al-Assad of Syria and to gain influence in Iraq, and now has begun to honor its fallen soldiers there as heroes. Taking advantage of a newly worded United Nations resolution that merely 'calls upon' Iran to limit its missile testing, it has kept up a steady pace of tests, with more and more capable weaponry. The United States has protested, but has recognized that Russia and China would never permit the imposition of sanctions."

Stated otherwise re missile testing, Obama's deal permits unimpeded work on the delivery systems for Iran's future atomic weapons.

And then there was the warning from Germany earlier this month that Iran continues to seek components for its nuclear weapons program. As noted by Sanger:

"While Iran has not seriously tested the limits of the agreement, it made an effort, several months ago, to purchase carbon fiber from Germany, a high-technology product used in the production of advanced rotors for centrifuges that purify uranium."

Why the need for advanced rotors for centrifuges? Simple. As reported by the influential Iranian newspaper Kayhan, Iranian President Rouhani declared yesterday:

"If, some day, the P5+1 refuses to fulfill its commitments, we will be completely prepared, and, in terms of nuclear capabilities, we are at such a level so as to be able to reach our desired stage in a short period of time."

Or in other words, Iran's antiquated centrifuges have indeed been dismantled; however, Rouhani and friends are already making preparations to obtain the next generation of centrifuges, which enrich uranium more than 20 times faster.

Sanger cites Israeli satisfaction with the deal:

"By late January, even Israel’s top military officer said he was impressed. 'The deal has actually removed the most serious danger to Israel’s existence for the foreseeable future,' Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot, the chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces, told a conference in Tel Aviv, 'and greatly reduced the threat over the longer term.'"

Well, not exactly. On July 1, the deputy commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, Brigadier General Hossein Salami, threatened to "annihilate" Israel by launching the more than 100,000 missiles supplied by Iran to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Yes, Israel continues to face an existential threat, although for the time being, Hezbollah is preoccupied fighting rebel Sunni forces in Syria and cannot afford a two-front war.

Moreover, Iranian commanders have taken up positions opposite the Israel Defense Forces in the Golan Heights. In a July 8 DEBKAfile article entitled "Iranians & Walid suicide units on Golan border," we learn:

"Whereas Hizballah reported on July 5 that Israeli helicopters had attacked Syrian army positions near the Golan town of Quneitra, in fact, one of the two Israeli 'Tamuz' IDF rockets fired on July 4, in response to stray cross-border Syrian army mortar shells, struck the Syrian Ministry of Finance building near Quneitra, which housed Iranian Guards and Hizballah regional headquarters. An unknown number of Iranian officers were killed as a result."

The Middle East is more peaceful and secure as a consequence of Obama's deal with Khamenei? In fact, Obama and Kerry are living in a fool's paradise. Obama's agreement with Khamenei isn't worth the paper it wasn't written on. 

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  1. at some point since the Rhodes NYT interview, both the NYT and WaPo stopped pretending and now mostly parrot WH talking points.

    same for ADL.

    could name more, but too depressed at living in the Orwellian world of mainstream media.