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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Maureen Dowd, "Thanks, Obama": Will a Reptile Replace an Invertebrate as President?

In yet another New York Times op-ed entitled "Thanks, Obama," Maureen Dowd compares Senator Barack Obama circa 2008 with the president Barry has become. Dowd writes of the idealistic senator running for the Democratic presidential nomination against Hillary eight years ago:

"He presented himself as the ticket to the future. He made us feel good about ourselves, that we could be better, do better.

Making the case against Hillary, he said that America deserved more than triangulating and poll-driven positions and 'the same old Washington textbook campaign,' more than a candidate answering questions whatever way she thought would be popular and 'trying to sound or vote like Republicans, when it comes to national security issues.'

What about principles, he asked, what about a higher purpose?"

Well, I don't know about Obamacare ("If you like your health care plan, you can keep it") and the unsigned nuclear deal with Iran (whose secret add-on agreement reduces Iran's break-out time to six months), which were rammed down the throats of Americans notwithstanding majority opposition; however, I'm starting to feel almost giddy about Obama when considering the prospect of either Hillary or Donald as president. But I digress ...

Dowd concludes re Obama today:

"The president made his vote-for-Hillary-or-face-doom convention speech only 22 days after his F.B.I. director painted Hillary as reckless and untruthful.

He argued that there is no choice but to support Hillary against a 'self-declared savior' like Donald Trump, perhaps forgetting that Obama was once hailed as such a messiah that Oprah introduced him in 2007 as 'the one,' and it became his moniker.

In the end, Obama didn’t overthrow the Clinton machine. He enabled it."

Indeed, ignore Obamacare and the unsigned nuclear agreement with Iran. Obama's endorsement of Hillary could prove his true legacy. Imagine, a venomous reptile could replace a solipsistic invertebrate as president. Will wonders never cease?


  1. The Obama/Hillary hug? Obviously people will do and say anything. How nauseating to see her trying to affect animation and warmth. It is not who she is. The last time that I saw an audience with that same religious fervor/glow,was when Obama was running. No more chance of that dreamy utopia now, than then. In fact,the world will only get uglier.

  2. is it scary to read about Turkish troops encircling Incirlik (and the USA/NATO nukes) ONLY in Australian media today?