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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Maureen Dowd, "Bill Clinton Pours on the Estrogen": Can Hillary Shapeshift From a Snake Into a Human Being?

Covering the Democratic convention in Philadelphia where Soviet and Palestinian flags have been on proud display, Maureen Dowd writes in her latest New York Times op-ed entitled "Bill Clinton Pours on the Estrogen":

"After the email shaming and a bloodless campaign, tonight it was Bill’s turn to rescue Hillary from being the most unknown known person in history. One of the most liked presidents was charged with humanizing one of the least liked presidential candidates."

The most unknown known person in history? One of the least liked presidential candidates? Maybe it would help if she were to hold a press conference after more than 200 days, but why should her royal highness want to face the music? Instead, let's trot out the Big Mutt, who took at least 26 trips aboard the 'Lolita Express.'" Indeed, I can't wait for Hillary to tell us which White House bedroom will be occupied by Bill if she wins in November - something which is no longer a certainty.

Dowd quotes Bill as saying that she "calls you when you’re sick, when your kid’s in trouble or when there’s a death in the family." A death in the family? Tell it to Patricia Smith, mother of Sean Smith, who died in the Benghazi attack.

Or better still, regarding Hillary's willingness to appear on the scene when there's a problem, note how she cancelled all campaign events immediately following the Dallas massacre, instead of flying into the troubled city (remember how she claimed to have flown into Bosnia under sniper fire).

Dowd observes:

"Starting tonight and through the fall as he tries to woo back white voters and older voters in the Rust Belt and the South, he is trying to conjure the halcyon days of Clinton peace and prosperity. He does not want to remind people of the shady days of Clinton avarice and deceit, or the parts of his presidency or post-presidency that haven’t aged well, like Nafta, the crime bill, deregulation of Wall Street and the Defense of Marriage Act, the Marc Rich pardon or the unseemly braiding of the Clinton Foundation with Hillary’s State Department."

Not to mention her persistent lies involving the email scandal and her willingness to place personal comfort and privacy over the interests of national security.

Yes, I know, Trump's even worse.


  1. definitely NOT 1992.

    Today's DNC instructions to the media? only Bill Clinton, oops, Democratic Party, has the FACTS & Trump, oops, GOParty, has FEAR.

    NO msm coverage of the Palestinian flag waving + Israeli flag-burning Democratic National Convention. Same media spent three days on a Trump star tweet.

    The Jewish Voice NY staff editorial today:
    "The Deception of the Democratic Party"

    "... Implicated in torpedoing the Sanders' campaign by rigging questions for the candidates and releasing "news" stories all favorable to Hillary, were the DNC together with their media toadies including the New York Times, CNN, NBC, Politico and the Washington Post. And with no apologies emanating from the press rooms,...

    But let's talk a bit about the obvious and in your face Jew hating bent of the Democrat Party. ..."

    in other news, HRC promised Haim Saban in writing, in exchange for donations and to keep the 'Jewish' vote, that the Dem Platform would NOT get nasty on "settlements" in Israel.

  2. "How the Clintons got Rich Selling Influence while Decrying Greed"
    Victor Davis Hanson

    "...the Clintons had found a way to exploit the idea that both of them would return to the White House. That reality gave them access to quid pro quo opportunities, often funneled through a philanthropic foundation, of a sort unknown to any past American president. Most important, the Clintons had long since discovered that public outrage at their impropriety could be dismissed as the empty and vindictive charges of a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” be they allegations of sexual assault or criticisms of Bill’s becoming the highest-paid “chancellor” in the history of higher education, hired by private for-profit Laureate University at some $4 million a year...

    They were unique in that, unlike other retiring first families, who could offer wealthy profiteers little more than nostalgic signed group portraits, they could provide an avenue to the buying of influence in a second Clinton presidency. They felt no shame about their drive for riches, not just because they were liberals who sacrificed for the underprivileged and therefore deserved their belated rewards, but also because they were convinced that, as correct-thinking elites, they needed a vast fortune commensurate with their sense of self-worth. ...
    For now, the Clintons again have avoided the final wages of the classical sequence of overweening greed (koros) leading to arrogance and disdain (hubris) descending into a sort of recklessness (ate) and ultimately earning divine retribution (nemesis). But the tragedian Sophocles reminds us that for such people there is never self-reflection or enough money — and thus nemesis is still on the Clinton horizon."
    "Victor Davis Hanson is a classicist and historian at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, "

    {better than any psychiatrist]

  3. With Bill's lifelong attics,(are those activities at 40,000 feet, or on the private island, anything more than a canned hunt?)No one in Hillary's camp has any room to criticize Trump's attitude toward women.