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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jimmy Carter's "Support the Palestinian unity government": Jimmy Struggles to Remain Relevant

In a Washington Post guest opinion piece entitled "Support the Palestinian unity government" ( on Tuesday, an ever narcissistic Jimmy Carter, struggling to remain relevant, advises that the United States support a Palestinian unity government to be created by Hamas and Fatah. Carter writes:

"This is a decisive moment. Under the auspices of the Egyptian government, Palestine’s two major political movements — Fatah and Hamas — are signing a reconciliation agreement on Wednesday that will permit both to contest elections for the presidency and legislature within a year. If the United States and the international community support this effort, they can help Palestinian democracy and establish the basis for a unified Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza that can make a secure peace with Israel. If they remain aloof or undermine the agreement, the situation in the occupied Palestinian territory may deteriorate with a new round of violence against Israel."

A "new round of violence against Israel"? Excuse me, Jimmy, but what were those 120 mortar shells, rockets and missiles fired by Hamas from Gaza at civilian targets in southern Israel over a single weekend last month? Perhaps Carter also thinks that the firing of a Kornet anti-tank missile by Hamas at a yellow school bus in southern Israel in April was something other than an act of violence (see:

Carter continues:

"I have observed three elections in the Palestinian territory, and these institutions have already administered elections that all international observers found to be free, fair, honest and free of violence."

Yes, Jimmy, but what came afterwards? As I recall, there was a nasty little civil war in Gaza in June 2007 between Hamas and Fatah that left 118 Palestinians dead. In fact, it was literally "raining men" when Hamas and Fatah threw their opponents off highrise buildings (see: Subsequent democratic elections in Gaza or the West Bank? Not a chance, but a round of applause nevertheless for the "free, fair, honest and free of violence" elections that brought Hamas to power!

Carter adds:

"I urged Hamas’s leaders to stop launching rockets, and they attempted to negotiate a lasting mutual cease-fire."

Hamas "attempted to negotiate a lasting mutual cease-fire" at Carter's urging? Excuse me, but was this before or after Hamas declared bin Laden an "Arab holy warrior"?

Carter next brags about his discussions with Khaled Meshal in Damascus:

"In my talks with Hamas leader Khaled Meshal, he said Hamas would accept a two-state agreement that is approved in a Palestinian referendum."

Yeah, and Jimmy was stupid enough to believe him. Funny how Carter is no longer telling us about his special relationship with Syrian tyrant Bashar al-Assad, whom Carter is proud to have known since he was a college student (see: Even at age 86, Carter has yet to realize that lying is endemic to the Muslim Middle East (see:, but what the heck -- as long as The Washington Post is still willing to provide this narcissist with a pulpit, the sun continues to shine for Jimmy.


  1. This is my favorite:

    "I urged Hamas’s leaders to stop launching rockets, and they attempted to negotiate a lasting mutual cease-fire"

    Why did they need to "attempt to negotiate", if they could just stop "launching rockets" at civilian population? I guess, it is too "Jewish" a question. "Normal" people should not ask it.

    Everybody is busy bringing Middle East peace: Carter urges Hamas to stop rockets, Hamas "attempts to negotiate lasting mutual cease-fire", and only this stubborn Israel resists to play its role (of the dead) and participate in this happy festivities arranged by the great leader Carter.

  2. Carter has no understanding of Islam, Judaism, or even Christianity. He certainly has no idea of what is required for peace. In other words he is stupid on these topics, so why would anyone listen to his advice.