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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nicholas Kristof's "Where China Outpaces America": Kristof Fails to Mention Executions

In an op-ed entitled "Where China Outpaces America" (, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof informs us:

"A child in Shanghai is expected to live 82 years. In the United States, the figure is not quite 79 years.

. . . .

[I]t’s extraordinary that among permanent residents of Shanghai, infant mortality is 2.9 deaths per 1,000 births. That is well below the rate of 5.3 in New York City.

. . . .

That Shanghai child enjoys a world-class education in a public school — the best school system of any in a recent 65-nation survey, although it’s also true that Chinese schools have their own problems such as widespread cheating and stifling of creativity."

Kristof fails to mention that among all the countries in the world, The People's Republic of China executes the highest number of people annually, although Iran has a higher rate per capita.

Kristof also fails to compare the number of Nobel Prizes awarded to U.S. citizens and Chinese citizens. Including the dubious award of a Nobel Peace Prize to Obama (it doesn't make much of a difference in the overall picture), U.S. citizens have received 270, while citizens of the Peoples Republic of China have received two.

Thanks, Nicholas, but I would prefer to live to 79 in the U.S.

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