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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fars News Agency, "Speaker: Iran to Stand Firm in Upcoming Talks with World Powers": Aware of Obama's Weak Hand, Khamenei Raises the Ante

Following Obama's failed Far East visit, which did not bring about a trade agreement with Japan, and Kerry's disastrous attempt to negotiate peace between the Palestinians and Israelis, Tehran knows that Obama is desperate to sign an agreement - any agreement - limiting Iran's nuclear weapons development program in exchange for the lifting of sanctions. As such, Iran is now busy raising the ante, and further evidence of this nascent belligerence was to be found in the remarks of Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani yesterday. As reported by the Fars News Agency (, Larijani indicated that Tehran might thumb its nose at the P5+1 in forthcoming talks :

"'As the sagacious leader of the revolution emphasized yesterday, self-belief and reliance on domestic knowledge and capabilities underlies successfulness of the country's move in future, an important instance of which is seen in the nuclear science,' Larijani said, addressing the lawmakers in an open session of the parliament in Tehran on Monday.

'This very explicitly means that protection of the peaceful nuclear technology of Iran will be the (only) acceptable framework in future talks,' he added.

'The quantity of this technology is no issue for bargaining, and when it comes to the quality, production of weapons is the redline according to the leader's Fatwa, and nothing else,' he stressed.

'The foreign minister and the negotiating team are entitled to continue the negotiations just within this framework and only on the nuclear issue, and nothing more, and the western powers should know that if some overlooking was shown in the preliminary talks, no such a thing would happen in the final negotiations,' he added.

His remarks came after Ayatollah Khamenei stressed on Sunday that the western states' demand for restricting Iran's missile capability is foolish."

Will a "deal" be signed? Absolutely, no matter what the terms. You see, Obama has too much ego riding on this.

And once again, peace in our time . . .

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