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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ruth Marcus, "Monica Lewinsky does Hillary Clinton a big favor": Benghazi Recedes From the Spotlight?

In a Washington Post opinion piece entitled "Monica Lewinsky does Hillary Clinton a big favor" (, Ruth Marcus writes:

"Monica Lewinsky may not have intended it this way, but she just did Hillary Clinton a big favor.

. . . .

Hillary Clinton, humiliated in her own way, emerged seemingly stronger. Her marriage endured; she became senator and secretary of state. Having put cracks in the glass ceiling, she is poised to break it, should she choose, in 2016."

Perhaps Ruth would care to enlighten us as to how Hillary's marriage has "endured." Is the marriage "real," or is it a marriage of convenience serving the blind narcissistic ambition of both Hillary and Bill?

If Monica has done Hillary a favor, maybe it is because the Benghazi debacle has faded from the spotlight even for one day.

Note Maureen Dowd's op-ed on the same topic:

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