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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Maureen Dowd, "The Speaker’s Sand Trap": Making Dog Poop on the Roof Seem Funny

Do you recall Gail Collins's lame running joke concerning Seamus's attack of diarrhea atop Romney's station wagon? Well, if you thought that was hilarious, you're sure to love Maureen Dowd's latest New York Times op-ed entitled "The Speaker’s Sand Trap" (, which is filled with golf jokes relating to the Republican Speaker of the House. Dowd's conclusion:

"Boehner putts and misses his 20-footer for par.

'Did you notice that broke way too much to the right?' he sighs. 'That’s our problem.'"


Of more interest for me, however, is Dowd's reference to "to the kooks on Benghazi." I was once a registered Democrat, I am pro-choice, I support gay marriage, I opposed the Second Gulf War and American ground involvement in Afghanistan, but my horror at how an ambassador and three other Americans were left to die without even so much as a flyover brands me as a kook.

Midway through her opinion piece, Dowd would have Boehner's voice drop "into a confidential growl" as he tees off:

"'Well, he’s gonna be black and blue after we grill him and his team on what he was really doing in the White House that night during the attacks on the compound.

'If he was watching SportsCenter instead of sitting in the Command Center, that’s not gonna look good. If he was buttering up Bibi to help him with the Jewish vote, that’s not gonna look good. If he was catching some zzz’s during Benghazzzi, that’s bad. Of course, he already seems asleep at the switch most of the time.'"

Sorry, Maureen, but I wouldn't mind knowing what Obama and Hillary were doing while those Americans were being butchered in Benghazi. Maybe it's a habit acquired after many years in the military, but I don't believe in leaving others to die without assistance or hope over the course (no pun intended) of eight hours.

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