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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fifteen Civilians Killed in a Coalition Airstrike on Kfar Daryan: Double Standard?

The inevitable has happened: ISIS has embedded its forces in Syrian villages, and it is being claimed that 15 civilians were killed in a coalition airstrike on Kfar Daryan. Following Friday prayers, protests against the US were held in 40 Syrian towns and villages.

Why is State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki not asking that the US military do more to prevent civilian casualties? She demanded this of Israel during the recent IDF campaign against Hamas in Gaza.

And then there were also the recent coalition strikes on ISIS-controlled oil refineries in eastern Syria. Why isn't Psaki expressing concern over these attacks? You will recall that Psaki declared that "We’re deeply troubled by the humanitarian impact of reduced electricity in Gaza," after Gaza's power plant was hit during the war between Israel and Hamas. (We were told that the power plant was destroyed by an Israeli airstrike, but we are now being told that the power plant is operational)

Obama adminstration double standards at work? You bet!

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