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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Haaretz, "Bill Clinton strays from Hillary’s Israel script and knocks Netanyahu": DON'T VOTE FOR HILLARY!

In a Haaretz article entitled "Bill Clinton strays from Hillary’s Israel script and knocks Netanyahu," Chemi Shalev informs us that Bill Clinton, joining his wife at the Harkin Steak Fry in Iowa on Sunday, agreed with a pro-Palestinian activist that "If we don’t force him [Netanyahu] to have peace, we won’t have peace."

You don't believe it? See the video:

It wasn't enough that Obama attempted to compel Netanyahu to accept Qatari and Turkish mediation during the latest round of fighting with Hamas. Now, it is obvious what Hillary intends to force upon Israel if she should succeed Obama as president.

Some time in the not too distant future, Israel will be fighting another war with Hezbollah in Lebanon. The last thing Israel needs is another president prepared to cut off arms shipments when hostilities begin in order to obtain the concessions she desires.

Please, anyone other than Hillary . . .


  1. Frankly, I don't see how she can become President.

  2. too much of a coincidence that it was a palestinian- American who, as a pledged Obama delegate from the 2008 Iowa caucus, cleansed the official MyBOcampaign website of anyone who supported Israel's right to exist by May, 2009.

    Sorry JG, but this iteration of the US Democratic Party has no bench, just Clintons.

  3. Hey, Mr Anonymous -- I used to be a liberal Democrat. Then starting with 9/11 I began moving to "the dark side" and now I'm a fully-fledged Republican. More than anyone I do *not* want to see Hillary as president. That being said however, who exactly is going to come forth on our side to challenge her. Yes we have many potentials -- but they're all relatively new and untested. It's only very very occasionally that a party becomes as lucky as the Democrats were in 1992 with Bill Clinton. He had been recognized as an "up and comer" but still, he was only the governor of a small (and backwards) state. That he beat a sitting president coming out of nowhere was all skill on his part. Today, Hillary is considered a "known quantity" my Democrats. They may not love her, but they feel as if she won't rock the boat much (as that is her nature). So no, she's not a sitting president, but she has a lot of cache. Any Republican challenger will have to run a very very skilled campaign to beat her --and will have to have a lot of raw talent on his own.

    My whole point is: do not underestimate Hillary's chances to become president.