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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Maureen Dowd's Column Disappears From The New York Times on Wednesdays

"Starting Sept. 10, Maureen Dowd’s column is no longer published on Wednesdays. It continues to appear in Sunday Review"

Yet another nail in the coffin.

New York Times readers have been informed today that the Queen of Snark's column will only appear in the Opinion Pages on Sundays. What happened? Surely there is a newsworthy story here.

Query: Why would anyone still wish to read the Opinion Pages of the Times with Dowd down to once a week? To read Friedman's absurd solutions to all of the world's problems? To have a gander at Brooks's pseudo-philosophical musings? To be told twice a week by Krugman that government must spend more to take the economy out of recession, i.e. the deficit be damned?

Episode of plagiarism notwithstanding (she can't hold a candle to Fareed Zakaria in this regard), you don't have to agree with Dowd to understand that her snide wit - most recently aimed at a toothless Obama - will be sorely missed and cannot help but further impact upon the Times's declining circulation.

Perhaps the only one who is certain to benefit from this development is Hillary Clinton, whom Dowd could never suffer.

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