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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Thomas Friedman, "Leading From Within": Killing Two Birds With One Stone?

No matter what the problem, big or small, Thomas Friedman has an answer. Unfortunately, most of his answers are wrong.

In his latest New York Times op-ed entitled "Leading From Within," Friedman explains how the US can counteract both ISIS and Putin:

"[T]he necessary impactful thing that America should do at home now is for the president and Congress to lift our self-imposed ban on U.S. oil exports, which would significantly dent the global high price of crude oil. And combine that with long overdue comprehensive tax reform that finally values our environment and security. That would be a carbon tax that is completely offset by lowering personal income, payroll and corporate taxes. Nothing would make us stronger and Putin and ISIS weaker — all at the same time."

American exports of oil would stop ISIS in its tracks or even cause this homicidal organization a moment of hesitation? Yeah, right.

Putin? He would probably complain that Obama promised flexibility during the American president's second term, whereupon Obama would most likely reflect upon this dilemma while teeing off at the nearest golf course or touring some prehistoric monument.

But let me get this straight: Congress is going to lift America's self-imposed ban on oil exports, while enacting "comprehensive tax reform," including a carbon tax that is "completely offset by lowering personal income, payroll and corporate taxes"? And after the Republicans win control over the Senate in November, all of this legislation is going to be passed sometime during the next two years?

It's not going to happen even during the next two decades.

Go back to sleep, Tom, before you hurt yourself.

1 comment:

  1. Even this excerpt from TomFri is too silly to waste electrons. The USA is still a net importer of oil.

    The USA first needs to approve the Keystone Pipeline if only to stop making Canada angry with the USA.

    btw, kudos to Israel (and bff Texas) for the longterm natural gas deals with Egypt and Jordan.