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Friday, February 27, 2015

David Brooks, "Converting the Ayatollahs": Only a Naif Such as Obama Would Not Take Khamenei at His Word

Some 80 years ago, Hitler told anyone who would listen that he was intent upon annihilating world Jewry. No one listened, including Europe's Jews, two-thirds of whom would be killed by Nazi Germany during the ensuing decade. Today, Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei, busy holding competitions to mock the Holocaust, is repeatedly telling us that he intends to annihilate Israel. Should we believe him? I do. Obama doesn't.

Today, in an important New York Times op-ed entitled "Converting the Ayatollahs," David Brooks concludes:

"If the Iranian leaders believe what they say, then United States policy should be exactly the opposite of the one now being pursued. Instead of embracing and enriching Iran, sanctions should be toughened to further isolate and weaken it. Instead of accepting a nuclear capacity, eliminating that capacity should be restored as the centerpiece of American policy. Instead of a condominium with Iran that offends traditional allies like Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel, the U.S. should build a regional strategy around strengthening relations with those historic pillars.

It’s hard to know what’s going on in the souls of Iran’s leadership class, but a giant bet is being placed on one interpretation. March could be a ruinous month for the Middle East. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel could weaken U.S.-Israeli relations, especially on the Democratic left. The world might accept an Iranian nuclear capacity. Efforts designed to palliate a rogue regime may end up enriching and emboldening it."

Convert Khamenei? Make this monster a friend and ally of the West? Cause him to love his neighbors as himself? Compel this leopard to change his spots? I don't think so.

As I stated earlier today, given that Iran stones to death women accused of adultery, hangs homosexuals, persecutes Baha'is, oppresses Kurds, abuses Sunni Muslims, funds Hezbollah, supports Assad, brutally quashes political opposition, and perpetrated the bombing of a Jewish community center in distant Argentina resulting in the deaths of 87 persons, only a fool would not take Khamenei at his word.

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