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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Qatar Dismayed by Egyptian Strike Against ISIS

You will recall how Obama attempted to force Israel to accept Qatari mediation involving its last war with Hamas. Well, tiny, oil and gas rich Qatar is back in the headlines. After ISIS beheaded 21 Egyptian Copts in Libya, Cairo sent its air force to bomb ISIS bases in Libya, and Qatar, which funds ISIS, expressed its dismay over the attack. A brouhaha between Qatar and Egypt resulted, and Aljazeera reports today in an article entitled "Qatar recalls ambassador to Egypt over ISIL row":

"Qatar has recalled its ambassador to Egypt 'for consultation' after a row over Cairo's air strikes on targets of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Libya, Qatari state media said.

A foreign ministry official said Doha was recalling its envoy over a statement made by Egypt's delegate to the Arab League Tariq Adel, according to Qatar News Agency.

Adel accused Qatar of supporting terrorism, according to Egyptian media, after Doha's representative expressed reservations over a clause in a communique welcoming Cairo's air strikes on ISIL targets."

Indeed, as well known to Egypt, Qatar funds ISIS and al-Qaeda, but that didn't stop Obama from selling to the Qataris $11 billion worth of Apache helicopters and Patriot and Javelin air-defense systems last July.

However, I suppose that's peanuts compared with Obama's willingness to allow Iran to become a nuclear weapons threshold state. How much more damage can Obama do before he leaves the White House? Personally, I'm counting the days.


  1. If Israel makes it that far, it won't get any better when Hillary takes over the White House in 2017 and Obama moves on to his next job as U.N. Secretary-General. Not only is Qatar funding ISIS and Hamas directly, they also support the Brookings Institute, home to the Saban Center for Middle East Policy which is currently working overtime to make sure Israel's next government will be lead by the Zionist Camp party.
    The money trail is always the shortest path to the truth.

  2. And of course when the NYT isn't cheer-leading for the Obama administration, we can always count on NPR to get the message across regarding Iran. Today's 'wisdom' from a Jew who left NYC for his native Persia: "There is a great difference between being a Jew and being Zionist."