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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Obama's New Proposed Deal With Iran: Can You Keep a Secret?

As reported by The Times of Israel in an article entitled "Phased Iran nuke deal starting to take shape as sides convene" by Bradley Klapper and George Jahn:

"The United States and Iran are working on a two-phase deal that clamps down on Tehran’s nuclear program for at least a decade before providing it leeway over the remainder of the agreement to slowly ramp up activities that could be used to make weapons.

. . . .

One variation being discussed would place at least 10-year regime of strict controls on Iran’s uranium enrichment program. If Iran complies, the restrictions would be gradually lifted over the last five years of such an agreement."

Okay, you already saw this article, but what is the logic underlying the American proposal? Can you keep a secret? No? Well, I'm going to tell you anyway. The expectation is that Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei, ill with prostate cancer, will not be around in another few years and that he will be replaced by someone more moderate.

And if Khamenei's successor is not more moderate? Well, that will be Israel's problem and not that of Obama, who will be busy puttering around America's most prestigious golf courses.

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