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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Maureen Dowd, "Call Off the Dogs": Mo Declares Thermonuclear War on the Clintons

Maureen Dowd's simmering hostilities with the Clintons have just been escalated by a notch . . . to thermonuclear war. In a New York Times op-ed entitled "Call Off the Dogs," Dowd paints a less than sympathetic picture of journalist and author David Brock, who founded Media Matters for America:

"Once the Clintons had a War Room. Now they have a Slime Room.

Once they had the sly James Carville, fondly known as 'serpenthead.' Now they have the slippery David Brock, accurately known as a snake.

. . . .

With the understood blessing of the Clintons, Brock runs a $28 million cluster of media monitoring groups and oppo research organizations that are vehicles to rebut and at times discredit and threaten anyone who casts a gimlet eye at Clinton Inc."

But wait, the best is yet to come! Dowd concludes:

"Money-grubbing is always the ugly place with the Clintons, who have devoured $2.1 billion in contributions since 1992 to their political campaigns, family foundation and philanthropies, according to The Old (Good) New Republic.

. . . .

[W]hat Republicans say about government is true of the Clintons: They really do believe that your money belongs to them.

Someday, they should give their tin cup to the Smithsonian. It’s one of the wonders of the world."


Although a cowardly, brainless and heartless (actually, he loves himself very dearly) Obama still has two more years in office and appears determined to leave the world in chaos, nobody seems to give a damn, except Valerie Jarrett. Everyone else is abandoning ship.

The Islamic Republic of Iran equipped with nuclear weapons? Who gives a damn! It's so much more fun awaiting the inevitable announcement of Granny's candidacy.

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see what, if anything, Hillary decides to do regarding Netanyahu's upcoming speech before Congress. Will Hillary thumb her nose at Obama by attending?

And then, there is the issue of Bill's infidelities, which again appears to be raising its ugly head.

But back to the matter at hand, will Dowd, the sole Times columnist with moxie, survive this crazy frontal, perhaps suicidal, assault on the Clinton juggernaut? Stay tuned . . .

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  1. I think someone should gently explain to Maureen that the Clinton's war room was always a slime room, it's just that she used to approve of the targets that were being slimed.