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Monday, January 4, 2016

Marc Thiessen "Where Obama won’t be going on his global farewell tour": You Forgot Israel

Observing in a Washington Post opinion piece entitled "Where Obama won’t be going on his global farewell tour" that "public confidence in [Obama's] national security leadership has collapsed," Marc Thiessen writes:

"As you assess Obama’s record, ask yourself some simple questions: Are you safer now than you were seven years ago? Are the forces of Islamist radicalism weaker than they were seven years ago? Is the danger to our homeland smaller than it was seven years ago? Is the United States more feared by our enemies and respected by our friends than it was seven years ago?"

Thiessen names various places that Obama will not be visiting on a final world tour, which exemplify his foreign policy errors:

  • Ghouta, Syria
  • Bodrum, Turkey
  • Moscow
  • Crimea
  • Eastern Ukraine
  • Latakia, Syria
  • Benghazi
  • Yemen
  • Mosul, Iraq
  • Kandahar, Afghanistan

Remarkably, Thiessen fails to mention Israel, which is more friendly to the US than almost any other nation, but which was thrown under the bus as part of Obama's unsigned legacy-creating nuclear deal with Iran. Given how the nuclear deal appears to be breaking down with each passing day, my guess is that Obama might never again show his face in Tel Aviv.

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