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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Mohammad Javad Zarif, "Saudi Arabia’s Reckless Extremism": Goozidam Too Cheshmet

In a New York Times opinion piece entitled "Saudi Arabia’s Reckless Extremism," Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif strains human credibility to its utmost limits. How does one accuse Saudi Arabia of "reckless extremism" without a single mention of the direct involvement of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps in the Syrian civil war or Iranian military assistance to radical Shiite militias in Iraq? And then there's also that "small" matter of Iranian leaders repeatedly threatening Israel with extinction.

More specifically, Zarif writes in his opinion piece of Saudi Arabia:

"At home, state executioners sever heads with swords, as in the recent execution of 47 prisoners in one day, including Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, a respected religious scholar who devoted his life to promoting nonviolence and civil rights. Abroad, masked men sever heads with knives."

Yet, Zarif fails to mention that Iran executes more individuals per capita than any other country in the world. Zarif also fails to breathe a word about the barbarism of Iranian-backed Shiite militias in Iraq, which includes beheadings.

Zarif continues:

"Let us not forget that the perpetrators of many acts of terror, from the horrors of Sept. 11 to the shooting in San Bernardino and other episodes of extremist carnage in between, as well as nearly all members of extremist groups like Al Qaeda and the Nusra Front, have been either Saudi nationals or brainwashed by petrodollar-financed demagogues who have promoted anti-Islamic messages of hatred and sectarianism for decades."

Needless to say, no mention here by Zarif of Iran's bombing of the Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires in 1994, which killed 87 people and wounded more than 100. Also no mention by Zarif of Iran's responsibility for the Marine barracks bombing in Beirut in 1983 that killed 241 US soldiers.

Next, Zarif tells us:

"The Iranian government at the highest level unequivocally condemned the assault against the Saudi embassy and consulate in Tehran on Jan. 2, and ensured the safety of Saudi diplomats. We took immediate measures to help restore order to the Saudi diplomatic compound and declared our determination to bring perpetrators to justice. We also took disciplinary action against those who failed to protect the embassy and have initiated an internal investigation to prevent any similar event."

Of course, Zarif somehow forgets how Iran attempted to murder the Saudi ambassador to the US in 2011.

Zarif's conclusion:

"The Saudi leadership must now make a choice: They can continue supporting extremists and promoting sectarian hatred; or they can opt to play a constructive role in promoting regional stability. We hope that reason will prevail."

Iran wants to promote regional stability? My response in classical Farsi to the less than honorable Zarif: Goozidam too cheshmet, or loosely translated, "I fart in your eye."

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  1. Putin's goal may be to destroy Wahhabism using Iran as his proxy, using the NYTimes.