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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Maureen Dowd, "Here’s the Beauty of Trump": Krauthammer Is Stupid?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall . . .

In her latest New York Times op-ed entitled "Here’s the Beauty of Trump," Maureen Dowd tells us of a telephone interview with Donald Trump. The content of this conversation as reported by Dowd is so surreal, I find myself asking whether she is trying to pull the wool over our eyes. For example, Dowd tells us:

"The prolix plutocrat told me he tried to watch some of the debate after his event. 'Without Trump, the debate is boring,' he said. 'Everything became about Jeb.' And you know he thinks that’s boring. 'I fell asleep.'

I note that Fox’s Charles Krauthammer told the moderator Megyn Kelly that it was a relief to hear a palaver that was not full of ad hominem and insults.

'He’s a moron,' Trump says."

Krauthammer is stupid?

Dowd asks:

"So what would happen if Donald Trump, a clinical narcissist with a thin skin, touchy temperament and taste for flattery, got into the Oval Office?"

Nothing good, but we live in an age of narcissism. (Isn't Hillary, endorsed by the Times notwithstanding a pending possible indictment, a narcissist, too, with fantasies of unlimited success, power and brilliance, a need for excessive admiration, and a sense of entitlement?) I suppose that owing to its prevalence, it won't be long until narcissism is considered the norm.

When is the next flight to Antarctica.

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