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Sunday, August 21, 2016

American Jet Fighters Amost in a Dogfight Over Syria: No US News Coverage

American and Syrian (Russian?) fighter jets nearly engaged in a dogfight on Friday. As reported by DEBKAfile in an article entitled "US, Russia trade blows in Syria on Kurds’ backs":

"The near-clash between US and Syrian warplanes over Kurdish Hassaka in northern Syrian Friday Aug. 19 sprung out of the Obama administration’s decision the day before to try and draw the line on the growing Russian-Iranian-Turkish-Syrian collaboration in the conjoined Syrian-Iraqi arenas, DEBKAfile’s military sources report.

It occurred when US jets flew in protective formation over the Kurdish positions, the day after they were attacked by Syrian (some Middle East sources say, Russian) jets.

The US jets came within a mile of the two Syrian Su-24 fighter jets approaching the Kurdish enclave of Hassaka, and warned them off. Without responding the Syrian planes turned tail."

Putin is testing Obama.

Coverage of this incident by America's news media? Not a chance. But why should The New York Times and The Washington Post dwell on such a "minor" flap, given their refusal to write about the secret removal by the US army of nuclear weapons from the Incirlik Air Base in southern Turkey?


  1. 'Almost' does not if the NYT or WaPo would cover any story before Nov 8, 2016 about Syria that would contradict the 'DNC flag-waving everything is sunny in Philadelphia' or 'Trump is a Russian oligarch who forced Clinton to give Russia our uranium' talking points.

    "... [Michael Goodwin]I started at the Times while the Vietnam War and civil-rights movement raged, and was full of certainty about right and wrong.

    My editors were, too, though in a different way. Our boss of bosses, the legendary Abe Rosenthal, knew his reporters leaned left, so he leaned right to “keep the paper straight.”

    That meant the Times, except for the opinion pages, was scrubbed free of reporters’ political views, an edict that was enforced by giving the opinion and news operations separate editors. The church-and-state structure was one reason the Times was considered the flagship of journalism.

    Those days are gone. The Times now is so out of the closet as a Clinton shill that it is giving itself permission to violate any semblance of evenhandedness in its news pages as well as its opinion pages. ..."

    Besides, they have not yet flogged Ryan Lochte enough for getting drunk in Rio...or changing his hair color for his apology interview...

    Amerika, land of the free if you vote D, home of the brave only if you are stoned 24/7...

  2. In other news being ignored by American msm:
    from The Hill:
    ""Some fundraiser attendees were pushed and jostled, spit on and verbally harassed as they left the ­convention center," the Star Tribune's Patrick Condon reported.

    Trump never appeared in public, according to the report.

    A peaceful protest formed earlier in the evening, organized by the Minnesota Immigrants Rights Action Committee.

    “You’ve got somebody out there saying things that used to only be said in the shadows,” said Giselda Gutierrez, a demonstrator who lives in Minneapolis, in an interview with the Star Tribune.

    “I think what he’s saying represents something pretty dangerous for our country.”

    The aggressive demonstrators reportedly didn't arrive until later. The later group of protesters hid their faces behind scarves. ..."

    Video embed included.

    Surely, the NYT and WaPo and NBC are furiously researching the leaked Soros emails to follow the money to these thugs?

    oops. follow the money was Watergate, 1972.

    I started getting physically bullied on the streets of New York, in 2008, made to 'run the gauntlet for being 'white' '. It's the WFP way of voter intimidation, why voter participation in NYC mayoral election in 2013 was 24% even with FIFTEEN different candidates on the ballot:,_2013

    No one has ever explained why more than three million registered voters stayed home. No one dares cross the WFP...

    All the wasted words in the NYT about 'voter fraud' mean nothing. The threat of physical voter intimidation has been real since 2008. Not counting the poll workers who took and read my ballot before scanning...

  3. There's never an adequate reason for Obama to cut short his two week vacation on Martha's Vineyard.