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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

New York Times Editorial, "Further Into the Muck With Mr. Trump": Donald AND Hillary Drag America Into the Mud

In an editorial entitled "Further Into the Muck With Mr. Trump," The New York Times declares:

"Three months from the presidential election, and one day after his running mate promised 'specific policy proposals for how we rebuild this country at home and abroad,' Americans find themselves asking whether Donald Trump has called for the assassination of Hillary Clinton.

On Tuesday at a rally in North Carolina, Mr. Trump falsely charged, as he has before, that 'Hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish, the Second Amendment.' Then he added: 'If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know.'"

The editorial concludes that "The time has come for Republicans ... to repudiate Mr. Trump once and for all."

Agreed. Trump suffers from a severe personality disorder, cannot control his impulses, and could threaten the planet with destruction. This latest outburst concerning Hillary transcends every imaginable red line.

But what about the stench emanating from Hillary's State Department? Just a few hours ago we learned from a Wall Street Journal article entitled "Newly Released Emails Highlight Clinton Foundation’s Ties to State Department" by Rebecca Ballhaus:

"A conservative watchdog group on Tuesday released 296 pages of emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s personal server, including many exchanges that weren’t handed over to the government as part of the Democratic nominee’s archive.

The new emails, released by the group Judicial Watch, offer fresh examples of how top Clinton Foundation officials sought access to the State Department during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure."

And in a New York Times article entitled "Emails Renew Questions About Clinton Foundation and State Dept. Overlap," Eric Lichtblau writes of these emails just obtained by Judicial Watch:

"The documents raised new questions about whether the charitable foundation worked to reward its donors with access and influence at the State Department, a charge that Mrs. Clinton has faced in the past and has always denied.

In one email exchange, for instance, an executive at the Clinton Foundation in 2009 sought to put a billionaire donor in touch with the United States ambassador to Lebanon because of the donor’s interests there.

In another email, the foundation appeared to push aides to Mrs. Clinton to help find a job for a foundation associate. Her aides indicated that the department was working on the request."

Yes, this is what's called influence peddling, and Hillary is also unfit to serve as president of the United States.

If Hillary is elected, will this latest Clinton scandal blend into the choking miasma of her other transgressions, or, like a ball and chain, might it prevent her from effectively undertaking the job of commander in chief?

Both Donald and Hillary should step aside for the benefit of their fellow citizens, but it's not about their fellow citizens. It never was, it never will be. It's all about them, i.e. their vanity and self-absorption, and they are both more than willing to drag America into the mud as part and parcel of their personal pursuits of glory.


  1. "the Second Amendment people" vote, and five million voters belong to the NRA, an effective way to "petition" Congress, a right in our quaint Constitution. That is what normal people thought Mr. Trump said.

    Only the terrifying speech police who call for gun control to defeat terrorism ( when they are not pivoting from the Iran nuke deal to climate change - Sen. Whitehouse's pivot assignment at the moment debate ended) as the greatest threat to the world, heard what they wanted to hear...

    Had no idea hyberbole in translating incomplete sentences is a contagious disease. Hillary should demand half a billion in funding to the Clinton Foundation, to study the threat of infectious hyperbole.


    (Trump clarifies)
    (Pence explains)

    In previous NOT-news, the Democratic Party embraces BLM even when they openly incite violence against police.

    Without the citizen's right to bear arms, Amerika becomes the gulag, maybe the gulag with lattes every third Sunday.

    The 2nd Amendment preserves all the other rights that Americans think they still have a right to have.

    The media still thinks Trump banished a crying baby in Ashburn, VA. The baby's mother was not considered a credible source...