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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Michael J. Morell, "I Ran the C.I.A. Now I’m Endorsing Hillary Clinton.": She Curses Like One of the Boys!

In a despicable August 5, 2016 guest New York Times op-ed entitled "I Ran the C.I.A. Now I’m Endorsing Hillary Clinton.," former acting CIA director Michael J. Morell warmly endorses Hillary Clinton, while trashing Trump. Morell writes of Trump

"Donald J. Trump is not only unqualified for the job, but he may well pose a threat to our national security."

Agreed. Trump is insufficiently stable to serve as president and presents a danger to humanity across the face of the planet. But unreservedly endorse Hillary? Morrell provides the following rationale:

"Mrs. Clinton was an early advocate of the raid that brought Bin Laden to justice, in opposition to some of her most important colleagues on the National Security Council. During the early debates about how we should respond to the Syrian civil war, she was a strong proponent of a more aggressive approach, one that might have prevented the Islamic State from gaining a foothold in Syria.

I never saw her bring politics into the Situation Room. In fact, I saw the opposite. When some wanted to delay the Bin Laden raid by one day because the White House Correspondents Dinner might be disrupted, she said, 'Screw the White House Correspondents Dinner.'"

Wow! Hillary is one tough cookie! She actually cusses like one of the boys!

But heck, if Morell were to come to me and recommend a course of action, i.e. vote for Hillary, citing only the "good" without the "bad," I would fire him on the spot.

Hey, Michael, care to tell us a bit more about Hillary's support of the Second Gulf War?

Or how about the disastrous undeclared 2011 war against Libya's Muammar Gaddafi that she foisted upon Obama. (I am ignoring her conduct during the subsequent Benghazi debacle, which was in many ways was a direct consequence of  the chaos she fomented.)

Or her direct involvement in the unsigned nuclear deal with Iran, whose details, e.g. the add-on agreement allowing Iran to begin building nuclear weapons with a decade and the $400 million cash ransom payment for American hostages, continue to leak out.

Or her willingness to compromise American security by establishing an unsecured basement home server for her emails while secretary of state. According to Patrick Howley in a June 2, 2016 Breitbart exclusive article entitled "Hillary Clinton Posted Names of Hidden Intelligence Officials On Her Email":

"Numerous names cited in Clinton’s emails have been redacted in State Department email releases with the classification code 'B3 CIA PERS/ORG,' a highly specialized classification that means the information, if released, would violate the Central Intelligence Act of 1949."

Endorse Hillary without mentioning any of the above? Shame on you, Michael.

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  1. Did not Morrell whiteblackwash Benghazi? Will he be joining Bill Bratton in the Clinton Foundation Job Creation Program, where you have to trash Trump before you collect your new seven figure paycheck??

    Did anyone's CIA notice when Ralph Lauren decided TeamUSA would be wearing the Russian flag?

    Thursday, August 04, 2016 12:30PM

    "Some critics on social media are saying that part of Team USA's new uniform appears distinctly Russian.

    The uniforms were unveiled last week by designer Ralph Lauren and the United States Olympic Committee.

    It wasn't long before critics on social media started pointing out the design of the shirt bear a striking resemblance to the Russian flag, which features solid white, blue and red stripes in the same order.

    Social media comments included: "the color palette was Kremlin-approved" and "I guess we missed the memo when we became Russian."

    Some people gave the entire uniform the thumbs down, saying they were simply embarrassing.

    The uniforms will be seen in public for the first time as the American athletes enter Rio de Janeiro's Maracana Stadium on Friday."

    And, in other news, when will ObamaClinton challenge BLM on embracing the Palestinian 'model' and BDS?

    written by Yair Rosenberg: