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Monday, October 29, 2012

Dennis Ross, "What the President Has Done for Israel in the Security Area Is Without Precedent;" Israeli Jews Prefer Romney By 3:1

As reported by Haaretz (

"Former top White House and State Department official Dennis Ross has come out in support of President Barack Obama, saying that 'what the president has done for Israel in the security area is without precedent.'

. . . .

Asked about the level of antagonism toward Obama among some American Jews, Ross said that he believes that much of it comes from people 'who didn't vote for him before and are not inclined to vote for him now.' He said that much of it stems from 'disinformation' and from 'a highly polarized environment in America.'"

Ah yes, "disinformation."

I suppose it is also "disinformation" that is causing Israeli Jews to "prefer Republican candidate Mitt Romney over US President Barack Obama by an almost 3:1 margin, according to a 'Peace Index' poll conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University that was released Sunday" (

Oh, those foolish Israelis, who, faced with extermination from Iran, are incapable of understanding what's best for them . . . .

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