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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thomas Friedman, "How to Score the Debate": No Winner, Only a Loser

Thomas Friedman has written another "how to" opinion piece. In the past, Tom has swamped us with blithe opinion pieces concerning "how to" fix the economy and "how to" achieve lasting peace in the Middle East. Today, in a New York Times op-ed entitled "How to Score the Debate" (, Friedman would explain to us on what basis he would award points to Obama and Romney for their performances at Hofstra.

The Friedman scoring system? Simple:

"So, first, I’ll be looking for that honest diagnosis."

Honest? Washington? Yeah, right. As honest as that thing on Tom's head.

"And, second, listen for a plan that rises to the true scale of that challenge, one that proposes job-creating infrastructure investments tied with a program to stimulate more start-ups (which have slowed) tied with a credible deficit-reduction plan — that would be phased in as the economy recovers — tied with a plan to get more Americans postsecondary education."

Is this a run-on sentence, a description of how to judge a decathlon, or just Tom's typical blather. Me? I would be delighted to hear from either candidate the details of any plan at all.

"Third, the country wants a plan that is fair."

Thanks, Tom, but note my answers above: Fair? Washington? Spare me! A plan that is fair? How about just a plan?

"And, fourth, the country wants a plan that is aspirational — a plan that is about making America a great country for the next generation, not just 'balancing the budget.'"

Ah, yes, "aspirational." I suppose Tom is referring to something on the order of "hope" and "change," which have taken us far over the past four years.

And the winner is . . .

Sorry, but this time around there is a loser, but no winner, and the loser is America.

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  1. I almost gagged when the prez said that it was offensive to think that politics played any part in the handling of the Libyan mess.(and this said just hours after sociopath Hillary fell on the sword)