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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thomas Friedman, "It’s Not Just About Us": More on the Middle East From the Mastermind

Thomas Friedman, writing from his Maryland mansion, would again enlighten us as to events in the Middle East. In his latest New York Times
op-ed entitled "It’s Not Just About Us" (, Tom proclaims:

"How does the U.S. impact a region with so many cross-cutting conflicts and agendas? We start by making clear that the new Arab governments are free to choose any path they desire, but we will only support those who agree that the countries that thrive today: 1) educate their people up to the most modern standards; 2) empower their women; 3) embrace religious pluralism; 4) have multiple parties, regular elections and a free press; 5) maintain their treaty commitments; and 6) control their violent extremists with security forces governed by the rule of law."

Or stated otherwise, America doesn't need to support any Arab governments, and those specializing in Middle East affairs at the US State Department can now go home.

Thanks, Tom, for this cogent thinking.

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