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Friday, October 26, 2012

The Washington Post Endorses Obama: What, Me Worry?

Have a look at the current home page of The Washington Post ( Under "The Post's View," appears the caption:

Endorsement: Four More Years

Editorial Board

Barack Obama’s clear-eyed view of the road ahead makes him the better choice for president.

Ah, yes, a "clear-eyed view of the road ahead." However, have a look above that caption. At the top left you will see:

'Fiscal cliff' has already cost U.S. jobs, report says

Lori Montgomery

The cliff is two months away, but nearly a million jobs have been lost this year as companies scale back — and the pain will worsen if the crisis is not averted.

Directly below that headline, there is another heartening lead-in to a story:

As racial divide grows, whites' support for Obama erodes

Jon Cohen and Rosalind S. Helderman

The election is shaping up to be more racially polarized than any presidential contest since 1988, poll shows.

Indeed, after almost four years under Obama's stewardship, America has never been more polarized - racially, economically, politically.

A "clear-eyed view of the road ahead"? Yup, that road is taking us straight over a cliff.

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