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Friday, January 11, 2013

Catherine Ashton to Spearhead Renewed Talks with Iran

Still naively hoping to reach an accord with Iran over its nuclear weapons development program, the P5+1 (Britain, France, Germany, United States, Russia and China) will soon be holding a new round of talks with Tehran, again spearheaded by Catherine Ashton, the EU's nincompoop foreign policy head.

Ashton? A former chairwoman of the Health Authority in Hertfordshire, she has never held elected office. Ashton has a BSc degree in sociology and has a life-sized Dalek (a fictional race of extraterrestrial mutants from the British science fiction television series "Doctor Who") in her sitting room.

Quite apart from what decorates her sitting room, what might be hiding in her closet? Questions have arisen over her role as national treasurer in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (no mention of this position in her EU profile), which was suspected of having received funding from the Soviet Union.

Ashton is not qualifed to undertake this very sensitive job? Surely you jest! Just have a look at the video of Ashton, filmed on her way to a meeting with Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic on his first official visit to Brussels.

Yes, it would all be very funny were it not for the fact that Obama has entrusted the fate of the world in the hands of this bovine naif.


  1. I've just concluded that there is a negative aspect to being lucky - primitivism.
    A guy was babbling about the containment - it wonderful, I lived not far from Soviet subs and nothing happened, etc. The guy forgot a tiny detail - STALIN was long dead.
    Maybe, it's tragic that a significant (and more influential part) part of the population in the most powerful country in the world never experienced the horror of war and frankly never experienced ... anything. This is a country which didn't have a war on its soil for over 150 years.
    I personally didn't experience the war, but in many ways I was so close and suffered numerous consequences, including two emigration and when I hear many Americans speak, I think "primitive, primitive, primitive."
    No, understanding of human condition, no understanding of human limitations, no sense of tragedy. Scary barbarity of individuals functioning on the level of propaganda and, frankly, idiocy (hug and kiss, smile).
    A population with any sense of reality would know that when the world is unhinged and so many sickos are running around, it's not a good idea to have a pacifist secretary of defense or "international" president.
    The world had already had some, most obviously Stalin. This fact cost humanity many dozens of millions of lives.