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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Nicholas Kristof, "She’s (Rarely) the Boss": Why Doesn't Nick Write About Anti-Semitism?

We have yet to hear an explanation from New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof concerning his recent retweet of a message referring to AIPAC as one of "the 2 Most Pig Like Lobbies" (see: Nor have we heard from Andrew Rosenthal, editorial page editor of the Times, concerning this matter. Nor have we heard from Margaret Sullivan, public editor of the Times.

In his latest New York Times op-ed entitled "She’s (Rarely) the Boss" (, Kristof bemoans the relatively small number of senior women executives in the workplace. Fortunately for the companies that I advise, this is not the case.

But as long as we're on the topic of discrimination, why hasn't Kristof written an opinion piece concerning anti-Semitism in Iran, in Egypt, or - closer to home - at The New York Times? If you need background material, Nick, I'll be delighted to supply it.

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